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Elliot Slater

About Me

About Elliot,

Elliot has a vast knowledge of the golf swing and the science of golf and has a keen eye on the ideal ball flight for all of your clubs. He is a Master club fitter and teacher, as well as a Canadian Long Driver for Team Canada, conducting clinics and swing workshops. He also works with charities like “charity golf international” using his long drive talents to raise money and awareness for various organizations. It is well known that there is no faster way to improve your golf game than with a club fitting and when properly combined with teaching, the gains can be significant.

Some of the charities Elliot’s Raised Money for:

Big Brothers Big Sisters


My Mission & Goals


My mission is to create the most exciting and enjoyable learning environment for all golfers of all ages and abilities, from children to experienced adults.  My goal is to support all golfers in becoming more aware of what works in a golf swing and how equipment can have an effect on a golf swing motion.  My non-judgmental approach to learning provides new possibilities for more enjoyment and satisfaction in playing golf.


To enable all students to maximize their enjoyment and fulfillment in golf.


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